How It Started?

Hello and welcome to Little Lady Lifestyle!  I’m Amy, creator of this site and I am so glad you stopped by.  This website was created from a love of food and healthy living.  With these two ideas in mind, I wanted to show how they can be merged into delicious food that’s both yummy and good for you and your family.  I have been in search of the healthy life ever since college.  My  love of cooking primarily came out of necessity, living on a budget which means eating in more than eating out.  I have no formal training in the kitchen and I am primarily self-taught, however, I have learned so much from my family.  My Mother and Grandmother love to cook as do my husbands parents.  The amount of food knowledge I have gained from all these beloved family members cannot go unmentioned.  I navigated my way through the kitchen over the last 17 years through good old fashioned trial and error, always staying true to the concept of eating healthy.  Since having my two children, I ramped up my search for healthy food even more because with kids, IT HAS TO TASTE GOOD TOO!  I don’t always hit a home run in the kitchen, but I keep at it and am always testing new ways to prepare classic favorites and new creations as well.

A Little About Me

I am a lifelong Texas girl and I am so proud to call Texas home.  I have been married to my college sweetheart for nearly 14 years now, wow time flies, and I have two amazing children that keep us both very busy.  I have a general curiosity about almost everything and I enjoy diving into to subject matter after subject matter, finding out as much as I can as I go.  This website is to pass on anything and everything I feel needs to be shared.  With anything I am discovering, several themes run constant: Food, Travel, Wellness and of course Fashion.  What girls doesn’t love clothes and dresses, shoes and jewelry right?  I also enjoy entertaining  and many times a good dinner party involves trying out new recipes and getting valuable feedback from my friends and family.

What’s next?

I hope LLL will be a relaxing place for you to visit, explore and sometimes escape during your day.  It’s meant to be that “place” for you!  I will always do my best to keep adding fashion ideas on the site for you to implement in your own kitchen, closet or passport.  It’s my pleasure and honor if you do so.  Thanks so much for your support and visiting LLL!

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