HNY from LLL: Quick Additions To Your January Hit List

317291b932c556e3e7bf2c58e99322ab  Hit List ♦ January 2016

These fun Sussies are sure to stay in your collection long-term & they are on sale RIGHT NOW!  Because I know there is something, maybe two or ten things in your closet that no longer have a place in your wardrobe, that doesn’t mean they need to head to the trash bin.   Help someone in need enjoy your gently or barely loved clothes, jewelry, shoes or accessories.   Donate them, sell them and give the profits to your favorite charity or put the savings away in your rainy day fund if your in greater need of saving it for your future.

Here are my favorite finds while being holed up over the holiday, Enjoy and Happy New Year from LLL.

#1 Zara Herringbone Coat $59.99

This coat in gorgeous in person. It’s a knit coat that is warm and looks very chic.  I wore it with workout clothes and gray Aus Luxe boots (see below) and because of the length of the coat, it makes any outfit look like it’s put together and dresses up a notch.  Plus the price is amazing right now!  Zara is one of my favorite online fashion websites.  You can buy amazing runway, ready to wear pieces for prices that are super affordable.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had on a jacket or pair of shoes from ZARA that people asked me about and how surprised they were when I told them the Brand and/or price.  Secret weapon that ZARA is.


#2 Heather Henry Zodiac Wrap Bracelet from Calypso St. Barth

I love these wrap bracelets from Heather Henry!  Of course I am biased and she is a dear friend, but they are amazing gifts for friends and love ones.  I also love the bright colors Calypso is featuring for the satin ribbon.  It will give you some pop amongst all the winter gray.  Regularly $95 at Calypso, now only $39.50! You can also purchase satin wrap bracelet ribbon online in tons of colors and combinations.  Such a versatile piece.

Heather Henry@Calypso

 #3 Australia Luxe Collection

Available at, Revolve Clothing & Nordstrom Rack to name a few, is a favorite alternative for UGGs.  They come in a variety of colors and styles that are a unique deviation from the mass popularity of UGG Australia.  The high quality and versatility of the boots make them a great buy and they hold up well in the elements. I know because I have 2 pair! Prices range from around $99 ↑ at and they keep a steady in-stock array of boots online.

 aus lux2_Fotor_Collage

#4  Ormedic balancing lip enhancement complex

IMAGE Skincare utilizes a powerful polypeptide lip enhancement complex to add up to 40% of moisture volume with repeated usage for incredibly healthier, lustrous-looking lips. The product is marketed as a rebuilder of the outer lip contour and an aid in diminishing fine lines.  It works and I love this product.  I’ve never had such an amazing lip balm and I use it  daily, and I’m not paid to say that ha!  I can say that I have noticeably seen an improvement in my overall lip health and vitality.  GREAT product! $15.99 at Skin Market.

Image Skincare

#5 Vitamin D

It can be in short supply this time and of year and you just may be deficient.  My husband and I both had vitamin D levels in the red on our blood tests.  I love these gummy vitamins from Rainbow Light.  They are found at most natural grocery stores like Whole Food, Sprouts and the like.  You can also order them from Amazon and at they are on special for $9.99.  Yummy for sure and if your vitamin D levels are low, they will probably make your mood and attitude a bit more sunny.

Sunny Gummies

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