Posh + Play = Pretty Cool! A Great Christmas Gift Idea!


Chocolate Pad 18x14 $22


2013_PoshPlay_KatieNixon_3523           I wanted to do a quick Christmas Gift idea write up on a product that hits closer to home for me.  Posh Play is the labor of love product line created by Kelly Smith and Emily Jones, both childhood friends that now reside in Dallas, TX.  Kelly became a mother almost a decade ago, and like many of us with children, the playdates and time spent with children indoors and outdoors sparked an idea that became Posh Play.  Kelly was and is still a special friend to me, even though we live so far apart and do not see each other as much as I’d like.  We were sorority sisters and college roommates for 3 years, and we went through a lot together.  It was such an amazing time in our lives and I feel very blessed that I had Kelly to guide me and be my friend.  I was pretty much on my own in college and Kelly became my family.  She was so patient and kind during those transformative years and she’s truly a talented and special person.
     Her business partner Emily was also a sorority sister and friend in college.  She was a force of nature back then, and as evidenced by her amazing success as a sports journalist and commentator, she still is.  Her energy and personality are so warm and magnetic that you cannot help but admire her and be so happy for her success.  These two women together can do nothing but find success in my opinion.  They are the perfect business team and the success of Posh Play is very much deserved.  You know you will be getting a superior product if their name is on it!
     I remember traveling to Dallas many years ago and I went by to visit Kelly and catch up a little.  It’s really cool to look back at that visit now because she was in the beginning stages of developing this product.  At that time the play mats were being developed under a different name, but Kelly had a vision for the product and she was troubleshooting materials and branding.  It’s wonderful to see the evolution of her play mats and where they are today.  I have a play mat in my possession and it’s extremely high quality, super soft, plush and so beautiful, plus the fabric is available in various faux skins such as alligator and snake.  I feel as if by taking my mat on a picnic, I’d be lounging around on my favorite leather jacket.  It’s that soft!
     All Posh Play products are eco-friendly and reversible, PVC free faux leather.   They are perfect for many diverse uses and are extremely portable for either indoor use or outdoor play.  If you spill on the mat, you literally just wipe it off  with a damp cloth or wet wipe.  Another aspect I love about these products is the “non” baby factor.  Although they are marketed to Moms because they have so many vast uses for kids, you can use this mat for so many other activities.  You do not need to be a parent to justify buying one.  They are perfect for a picnic at your favorite spot, watching an outdoor concert, sitting on the sidelines of a sporting event or as a pretty mat to protect a favorite table while doing a project.  Us adults can be pretty messy too.  They come in so many colors and sizes that you can have it waiting in your car to pull out at a moments notice.  Put simply, they are stylish, functional and durable.  A great gift for a sister, mother or friend.  Add it to your Christmas shopping list today and grab one.

Products Shown are available at PoshPlayMat.com, please click the any photo in the article or the links below for purchase information!  Plus the website has many more products and colors to choose from.

Chocolate Pad 18” x 14” $22

Eggplant Diaper Clutch Combo $58

Orange Play Mat 50” x 45” $98

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