Kick It Old School for Father’s Day, Thank You Note Style from The Forgetful Gentleman!


I love this correspondence kit from The Forgetful Gentleman!  I bought it several years ago for my husband and he uses it frequently.  Nothing means more in the realm of correspondence than getting a note in the mail from a friend to say thank you or thinking of you.  The written word, and its varied forms of communication, are becoming a lost art in the technological world we live in today.  An antiquity if you may.

The hand written note is not the norm anymore, and we are all guilty of this.  I remember my high school graduation and wedding.  I received so many amazing gifts to celebrate my youthful accomplishment and blissful celebration.  I hand wrote thank you notes all summer  for both events, and I know those friends appreciated the confirmation that I received my gift and enjoyed it.  I cannot say I’m perfect, but I do try to still write notes for various correspondence.  It feels more meaningful and shows the recipient you care.  It’s much more heartfelt than a text from your phone.  Your own pen gives much more feeling to your words than a keyboard can.


This kit comes in a beautiful wooden cigar style box with notes for all types of correspondence.  From a thank you, a quick congratulations or a love note, this set has it all and it’s wrapped up in a beautiful yet masculine way.  They even have a “Daddy Thank You Note” kit.  I’ve always liked what The Forgetful Gentleman stands for so I thought I’d pass it along for a Father’s Day idea or the Holidays next fall.  You can purchase their products from Nieman Marcus stores or via their online store at  The full Letterpress Kit is $75, however, they also have kits at lower prices and stationary a la carte.  Leather goods, socks, books on writing correspondence and writing accessories round out their many useful products for the “gentleman” in your life.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing men in our lives!  We couldn’t do it without you!



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