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Kid Quotables

I just love this entry! This summer we were in New York for vacation and one of the exciting things we did was take the kids to see The Lion King.  They loved it!  Of course we watched the movie endless times before the theatrical production, and many times...

School Days, School Days…..

  Well, here we are!  Back to school.  As you can probably observe from my absence during the latter part of the summer, my children and the full time job that comes with entertaining them during the summer months, took me away from posting on LLL for much of...

Hidden Veggie, Quinoa and Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Mmmmmm…..These were good and easy to prepare and the kids loved them.  Because of the hidden sauce, your kids will get some veggies in their dish and never even know it!  Wonderful on a fall evening!