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Kid Quotables

Kid Quotables

My son snuck into the room where Santa had left his presents (before he was supposed to), and as he ran out of the room my Husband saw him stop and say, “YES!  I’ve been good!”  Fist pump included!

Borrowed Treasures: Nana’s Sugar Cookies by Wenderly

Update! We decided on the easy version.  Ready made icing and sprinkles.  They are very beautiful I must say!   December 23rd, it’s getting close friends!  For many of us with kids, this date also entails cookie baking.  I wanted to search around some fellow food blogger’s websites and...

Pre-Christmas Dinner Dash: Festive Holiday Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf

This dish was very tasty and all the ingredients made it efficiently moist.  It was really fun for the kids too.  They felt like they were eating a Christmas dinner treat.  It was like cookie sprinkles for a main dish!  

UPDATED!! Do You Need Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Special People?

Updated! Something “Handmade”  -Available at on sale for $195.00 and free shipping   For the Grandparent, friend or collector that has everything, Richard Rothstein’s handmade, hand-embroidered pillows are truly stunning.  I purchased this pillow last summer in Rosemary Beach, Florida.  As my husband, kids and I were strolling...

Quick Holiday Kid’s Meal Please! Taco Flatbread Pizzas

This recipe is so easy and can be a last minute dinner during these busy holiday times.  Your kids can even help you assemble their own pizza as desired.  The possibilities are endless.  The two pizzas I have prepared are a simple taco pizza for the kids, although I...

Holiday Gift Idea: Homemade Irish Cream

I know, I know, it’s been done over and over, but it is still sooooo good!  My Mother-in-law made homemade Irish Cream about 10 years ago as gifts for her friends and family, and as far as I can remember, it was amazing!  This year, I wanted to give...

Holly Jolly Party Kicks! Jean-Micheal Cazabat “Odessa” Red Suede Ruffle Peep Toes

If you need to dress up that “little” black dress for a holiday party, this is the pair of shoes for you!  They are also on sale for $191at (☚ ⓒⓛⓘⓒⓚ).  They are made by Jean-Micheal Cazabat in both black and this cherry red suede.  The cut-out ruffle...

For The Kids: Fruity Christmas Trees