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Kid Quotables (6)

  “Look Mom, it’s a monkey sock!” –my son’s reaction to seeing a sock monkey at the fall festival.  Sounded really funny coming out of his mouth!  

Sunday Supper: Healthy Mini Meatball Marinara

  It’s Thursday, plan today, shop Friday, cook Sunday!  I love spaghetti and meatballs but it can take a little time so I usually save this favorite dish until Sunday when I have more free time.  I sometimes do part of the work the day before, sometimes all on...

Weekend Bites: Butternut Squash Penne with Sage

If it’s fall, then it is time to add a little sage to your life.  Personally, I love sage.  It has a wonderful, potent aroma and adds a zing of flavor to poultry and pasta dishes.  I love getting the most bang for my buck by using sage with...

Elegant Balsamic Strawberries

Pair two of the most flavorful things from fridge and pantry together and what do you get?  An easy and elegant appetizer for a cocktail party or a versatile accompaniment to any fall dinner party menu.   This is truly one of my staples.  I can always count on...

Healthy Morning Carrot Spice Muffins

I love a yummy muffin with my coffee, especially on a cool weekend morning.  However, I do not like to buy them at the store because once you read the ingredients on the label, you realize, these are not a healthy choice.  These muffins have several key substitutions that...

Kid Quotables (5)

These quotes mainly come from my 4 year old if you’ve noticed.  My daughter is very careful about what she says, so her well is pretty empty right now as far as crazy quotes.  I’m sure she’ll jump in here and there!  We both just snicker at him, he’s...

Last Minute Owl-O-Ween Cookies

I needed a great fall cookie idea for my little ones Halloween party.  Like the Scary Cat Cookies (click for recipe) on my blog earlier this month, these are not scary at all, but very festive indeed.  I really did not want to bring fingers or monsters or anything creepy...

A Little Lighter Chicken Piccata with Mushrooms


Kid Quotables (4)

“Mom, what day will be it be after my dark nap?” 

Thursday Dinner Dash: Chicken Hummus Wraps with Veggies & Quinoa

The great thing about this dish is that you can use the leftover ingredients to make more wraps for lunch or add to a future dish.

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