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Kid Quotables (2)

“Dad, you didn’t get out the right socks.  These are wedding socks!  I can’t wear wedding socks to school!”  -our son’s response to seeing the white knee high socks he wore in a friends wedding sitting out with his school clothes.  

Cutest Scary Cat Halloween Cookies

I decided to do my first Halloween post of the fall because like most holidays, if you are doing any entertaining or parties, you do a bunch of planning ahead.  For Halloween, I am already having to figure out what I’m making for several functions.  I’ll be adding several...

A “Little” Made in the USA Moment: Pride Mountain Vineyards

My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Napa Valley a few years ago and one of the amazing wineries we visited was Pride Mountain.  We had been drinking Pride Mountain wines for several years, but our visit definitely solidified Pride Mountain as one of my favorite wineries....

Happy Fall, Happy Day

Happy Fall, Happy Day

     It’s the first day of fall and even though it is a muted variation of the season in Texas, it is still the beginning of cooler weather and beautiful Texas evenings.  We don’t have the changing of the leaves, but we have the mild, cooler weather that...

Kid Quotables (1)

This is going to be a regular feature on my blog because I hear too many hilarious and noteworthy quotes from not only my children, but all the others around me at various times.  Feel free to submit your honest and authentic kid quotes and I’ll include those as...

Pomegranates Unwrapped

As you can see from my previous dinner party post, I used 6 beautiful pomegranates to decorate my table centerpiece.  After the mess from my party was cleaned up and the kids were back in school, I decided to not let these beauties wilt away.  Getting the gorgeous seeds...

YOGAnna Go Or What?

Yoga….well, hmmmm.   Let’s just say I love it and I resist it sometimes because I know it is going to make my muscles hurt and it’s a little out of my comfort zone.  Exercise is a necessity in my life to maintain sanity and balance.  I find that...

A “Little” Made In the U.S.A. Moment

A “Little” Made in the USA Moment is a new feature on my blog.  I’m going to be finding wonderful finds that are USA made originals.  If you have a great find, message me and I’ll possibly include it as the feature in this regular blog entry.  Go USA!...

Autumn Dinner Party Menu: The Taste of the Season

Autumn Dinner Party Menu: The Taste of the Season

Autumn is a great time of year to do a dinner party with friends.  First of all, if you are a dinner party novice, avoid the holidays.  There is just to much going on and your friends are pretty worn out from going to things.  The fall, right after...

Deude: The Tired Bird Dog

Dove season is tough people!

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